Kayleigh Stack

Activist, Writer, & Ethnographic Researcher

New York City

Kayleigh Stack

NY-based writer, blogger, ethnographic researcher, human rights activist, & Provocateur


Never Alone In New York

Waking up at 4am, for most, can be the precursor for a difficult day. For others, going to bed past the hour of midnight has the tendency of setting one up for failure. Myself, far more resonating with the former, would prefer 6am, as even this is early for the earliest of us. However, on occasion, especially when not being as social as an extrovert like myself would prefer to be, I find myself perfectly well fit to rise before the sun with a tea in hand sitting besides a candle lit window cracked open in the allowance of the late-spring-turning-to-summer air seeping through its screenless creaves to greet my skin.
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Why New York

Ever since I was a young girl I would idyllically obsess over a potential life for myself in New York City. I should mention that I am a New Yorker, however, it wasn’t until the age of 17 and moving to the city proper that I had come to learn there was a critical identity distinction between us upstaters and those who were born and raised in New York, NY.
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Kayleigh Stack

I am a New York-based human rights activist, writer, and ethnographic researcher deeply passionate about society, arts, technology, and culture in NY, the sociology of love, sex, and partnership, feminism, women’s rights, gender, and issues around social inequality.

As a writer and researcher I know myself to be able to deliver high quality, well vetted content, both sophisticated and accessible to a company’s specific demographic of readers. I am highly creative in the ability to offer alternative perspectives to a commonly read subject, revitalizing and bringing new life to a popular circulated topic.

In addition to women’s rights, human rights, social inequality and gender issues, my personal interests also involve climate change, stories around civic duties to generate global environmental initiatives, health and wellness, and narratives that inspire collective incentive to do more good in the world.

While these are the subjects I believe my background of anthropology, sociology, and alternative healthcare to be most suitable for, I am also highly versatile and enjoy being challenged in a variety of topics.



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