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Kayleigh Stack

NY-based writer, blogger, ethnographic researcher, human rights activist, & Provocateur


Is Texting Contributing to a Bidialectical Culture?

Their writing was often a vehicle to discuss ethics in politics, societal morals, or human’s idiosyncratic nature. Most literary laureates are given great praise over their ability to use language as an artist would use a paintbrush – masterfully coloring in the world with their gifted narration abilities, one pen stroke at a time.
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The Ashley Madison scandal, a violation and a reminder about security

Password cracking has become somewhat of a modern day past time, given the advancements that have been made in technology. Specifically, in the past five years there have been more privacy and password breaches than in the previous handful of decades combined. That is an exponential increase that makes us all exponentially at risk.
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Google’s Experimental Patent Purchase Program

Whether it is an attempt to strictly protect against patent trolls or the less altruistic pursuit of acquiring more leverage against their competitors, Google has initiated a new, experimental program to review patents from sellers, in order to prevent them from ending up in the wrong hands. There has been friction in the past where patents have been sold to non-practicing entities, calling into question the validity of software patents altogether.
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Are recycled grass phones the future?

It has become mandatory to own a cell phone this day-and-age. With that being said, some of us activists out there cringe at the morals we compromise when using a cellphone. Environmental and health factors run the gamut of depleting numerous natural resources alongside of using an excessive supply of energy and water, contributing directly to byproducts that cause an unreasonable amount of pollution and waste.
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Extending internet to the refugees: Facebook charity or marketing campaign?

In an announcement made over the weekend, Facebook claims to want to extend internet services to reach the hundreds of struggling refugees abroad. While some might be applauding the efforts made by the multi-billion dollar corporation for putting the smallest morsel of their time, energy, not to mention insurmountably large vat of expendable resources, into a charitable cause, the initiative seems to have an ulterior motive.
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The Connectivity of The Internet of Things (IoT)

There are approximately over 7 billion people walking the global, almost half of which – 320 billion – are internet users. Just over 270 million of them are within the United States. IoT is essentially a gigantic network of connected “things” (gadgets, cars, engines, computers, pens, glasses, cities, etc).
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Google Joins The Circus

Some say that the bay area culture is going to “hell in a handbag” as the city becomes more and more inundated with technocrats and plutocrats. Others, like a bay area local who I recently had the pleasure to engage in a lengthy conversation with outside one of the only affordable consignment shops left in San Francisco, said the culture in this area had packed up and left long over a decade ago.
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Who is doing the Watching?

We are living in a world that allow many companies and services who participate in some form of data collection to get more “bang for their buck”. In most of history, consent was imperative due to the very blatant fact that companies had to hire or notify their informants either directly, in person or through surveys.
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How public is your Wifi?

When we go to an internet cafe, sign into a free network and access our accounts, we generally assume that most people in the building are there using the internet for similar reasons. Although this may often be the case, it is not true all the time. Internet cafes and places that offer free internet access to paying customers are seen as lucrative havens for the unethical hacker.
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Eternalizing Our Identity Through Facebook

After one is deceased, their Facebook accounts can become an active memorial for friends, family and loved ones to collectively reminisce. Before a person passes, there is an option in the settings to effectively “immortalize” the account by assigning someone as a legacy contact – an individual who manages the page postmortem.
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More and More coding careers, less of…..everything else

As students graduate from college with heavy-weighted degrees in the “Liberal Arts”, what they are finding is that in order to make a six figure income, what is becoming increasingly essential, outside of degrees and life experience, is the ability to code. The discouraging factor is that to acquire enough knowledge and experience in coding to land a well paying job, the time commitment and cost are both far less than a four-year degree.
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Enforcing laws on drones

At their inception, drones were considered dangerous and violating. Albeit still controversial, today, drones are becoming much more acceptable, even commonplace. What was once front page, headline news, readers can now find a few pages in, buried between articles about the latest start-up and what the Apple disciples are crafting next.
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Kayleigh Stack

I am a New York-based human rights activist, writer, and ethnographic researcher deeply passionate about society, arts, technology, and culture in NY, the sociology of love, sex, and partnership, feminism, women’s rights, gender, and issues around social inequality.

As a writer and researcher I know myself to be able to deliver high quality, well vetted content, both sophisticated and accessible to a company’s specific demographic of readers. I am highly creative in the ability to offer alternative perspectives to a commonly read subject, revitalizing and bringing new life to a popular circulated topic.

In addition to women’s rights, human rights, social inequality and gender issues, my personal interests also involve climate change, stories around civic duties to generate global environmental initiatives, health and wellness, and narratives that inspire collective incentive to do more good in the world.

While these are the subjects I believe my background of anthropology, sociology, and alternative healthcare to be most suitable for, I am also highly versatile and enjoy being challenged in a variety of topics.



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