Kayleigh Stack

Activist, Writer, & Ethnographic Researcher

New York City

Kayleigh Stack

NY-based writer, blogger, ethnographic researcher, human rights activist, & Provocateur


Sustainable Resiliency

When we are busy it’s easy not to pay attention to what our animal body wants and craves- human connection, love, authentic touch and being held by a consciously developed community. It’s easy to inundate our body with all the distractions that our society has gilded us with by way of acceptable coping mechanisms. Coping mechanisms that assist in operating at a pace, and at a distance from ourselves and others, that becomes painfully sustainable. Painfully sustainable because often when stopped, we can find ourselves in the minority, as very few do, can, or will take pause. But this pain, whether we grab the caffeine or wine, or schedule our evenings and weekends with more projects and to do lists, does not just disappear because we have swept it under the rug or have materialized and accomplished more things and friends. As we have seen from the various people in the prime of their career who have taken their own lives despite their worlds being depicted at nothing less than perfect, the feeling of disconnect prevails if time is never taken to make a conscious decision to stop and reconnect with what is of utmost importance. And what is of utmost importance is often not what we think, which itself can be terrifying when an entire identity has been created on concepts we have believed to be important most of our lives.

Product Writing: Cerenity

With the amount of stress in our lives, whether it be related to family, work or school, it has become difficult for our bodies to maintain a healthy balance of neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals in the brain that relay information throughout the body. These chemicals affect both involuntary and voluntary functions, meaning, not only are they responsible for notifying the heart to beat and lungs to breath, but they are also in charge of mood, concentration and sleep. Aside from stress, studies have shown that caffeine, sleep deprivation, alcohol, poor nutrition and prescription drugs can also contribute to having suboptimal levels of neurotransmitters.
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Health Writing: Adrenal Complex

Whether it’s from caffeine overload, a filled-to-the-brim schedule, sleep deprivation or kids that just won't sit still, many of us have adrenal fatigue, not even knowing what that means or how it can be remedied.
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Sample of Copy Writing for BioHealth Company

At BioidenticaRX we choose GloMinerals not only for their rich hues and crease-free coverage, although these are undoubtedly a plus. Rather, it is due to its rich mineral base, jammed packed with antioxidants, that offer so much more than what one would expect from their make-up. Blended with quality sourced vitamins, extracts and minerals, we offer GloMinerals to our clients to provide a form of coverage that will allow people to look great now, and in the future!
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Health Writing: DHEA

There has been copious reports touting the benefits of DHEA in the past decade. However, many are still in the dark as far as it’s fundamental function in the body. Some know it for its supposed brain health attributes, while others might recognize it as having something to do with metabolism. Although the two go hand-in-hand, these two associations are still quite vague.
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Scar Tissue Solutions

Living with an unwanted memory on the skin, whether it be on the face, belly or somewhere else, can be difficult for many reasons. While scars and stretch marks are markers of our lives histories, most would prefer to not go around wearing them on their body. While there are numerous options for scar removal, most are time consuming, require high overhead and invasive to both the body and health, using chemicals or steroids.
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Product Writing: Metagenics

BioidenticaRX​ proudly offers a broad spectrum of ​Metagenics products​ - ranging from the Wellness Essential Pregnancy Packet​ to their ​Benesom formula​, a product compounded to encourage a restful nights sleep. We offer Metagenetics to help intelligently promote the health and wellbeing of both men and women of all ages. Whether seeking a supplement for memory and mental clarity or a product for ​bone support​, Metagenics's trusted formulas are designed to reach a wide demographic.
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Product Writing: Cosmo Grade

With the chaotic amount of skin care companies toting the benefits of one product over another, it can become quite a tiring charade when shopping for quality skin cream. What can help in the decision making process is to know what ingredients are truly needed and which ones are unnecessary additives, to weed out those not worth the investment. Being an educated consumer can not only help with selecting a product that is more nurturing for the skin, but it can also give the consumer more “bang for his/her buck” in the long run. Investing in skin creams that are densely packed with nutrient rich ingredients verses ingredients of lower quality, will yield in beneficial results faster, creating a more satisfied customer sooner. Reduce wrinkles now and prevent future aging by considering these ten critical ingredients when purchasing your skin care products.
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Depression Solutions

Depression has become an epidemic throughout the world. Ironically, there are an unprecedented amount of remedies, drugs, and therapies within the occidental world than ever before for this dis-ease. Statistics have claimed that depression affects 1 in every 10 Americans. It has become a malignant infection, continuously spiraling out of control. 80% of people who are experiencing bouts of depression have never received any treatment. On top of all this, it shows no sign of stopping. Every year studies have shown depression to increase by another 20%.
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Kayleigh Stack

I am a New York-based human rights activist, writer, and ethnographic researcher deeply passionate about society, arts, technology, and culture in NY, the sociology of love, sex, and partnership, feminism, women’s rights, gender, and issues around social inequality.

As a writer and researcher I know myself to be able to deliver high quality, well vetted content, both sophisticated and accessible to a company’s specific demographic of readers. I am highly creative in the ability to offer alternative perspectives to a commonly read subject, revitalizing and bringing new life to a popular circulated topic.

In addition to women’s rights, human rights, social inequality and gender issues, my personal interests also involve climate change, stories around civic duties to generate global environmental initiatives, health and wellness, and narratives that inspire collective incentive to do more good in the world.

While these are the subjects I believe my background of anthropology, sociology, and alternative healthcare to be most suitable for, I am also highly versatile and enjoy being challenged in a variety of topics.



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